Essentials is the must-have lifestyle magazine for thoroughly modern women of the ebay and Facebook generation; fun-seeking, positive women who are family-oriented, but who appreciate that it isn't always easy attaining a good life balance between work and relationships.

Readers have confidence in Essentials to provide practical tips, expertise and advice and they know it will deliver value - but they acknowledge that value doesn't necessarily mean cheap; Essentials is all about accessible aspiration and setting achievable goals that enable readers to feel really good about themselves.

Essentials provides readers with practical inspiration for craft, recipes and baking but in a fresh, modern, way. Real life stories abound - readers want to find out about women just like them - and the brand also reflects the pressures facing her, a woman of 30+, in the 21st century.

Essentials' policy has always been to feature women who embody the spirit and values of the readers of the magazine - and this includes women in the public eye, so long as they are busy and hard-working, with a down-to-earth, girl-next-door quality.

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