Lightbox provides a powerful canvas for your brand as a content-rich digital ad unit designed for superior user experience, engagement and brand impact.


TI Media Lightbox:

Lightbox users initiate the experience by triggering a 2.5-second countdown on rollover. The option to click to expand eliminates accidental expansion of the ad and yields longer engagement times, which are only measured on the expanded state. Some key highlights:
  • Designed for deep engagement as a full-screen experience
  • Flexible brand canvas for delivering an assortment of interactive content and features

What You Need to Know:

  • Step 1: The Lightbox "invitation banner" comes in 4 standard IAB sizes with all of your audience requirements factored in:
    • 300x600
    • 300x250
    • 728x90
    • 970 x 250
  • Step 2: Animation and/or video with a Rollover to Expand call to action invite the consumer to engage
  • Step 3: A 2.5-second delay filters out accidental rollovers, ensuring an opt-in, qualified user
  • Step 4: The fully expanded Lightbox experience allows the user to explore your brand message without leaving the page, and may include these features:
    • Video and photo galleries
    • Interactive games/polling
    • Custom and/or sponsored content from TI Media
    • Social engagement

For more information, contact:

Andrew Sanders, Digital Brand Partnerships Director Lightbox Waitrose