The consumer marketing team is responsible for driving revenues from our brands through direct marketing methods. It's a highly-profitable part of TI Media's business and encompasses the Subscriptions Marketing, Marketing Operations and Database Marketing teams.

Subscriptions Marketing

The Subscriptions Marketing team works across 40-plus TI Media brands. It deploys an array of marketing methods - including online and affiliate marketing, direct mail and telemarketing plus traditional direct response promotions - to consistently drive TI Media's subscriptions business. The team is composed of 25 marketers and incorporates DM Design, an integrated direct marketing design agency. For more information, contact Kirstie Mitchell on

Marketing Operations

The Marketing Operations team ensures that Consumer Marketing's customers receive what they are expecting, when they expect it. Working in partnership with specialist suppliers, they support the multi-million pound business of Consumer Marketing with a team of logistics, customer care and operational management experts.

Database Marketing

The Database Marketing team offers innovative and intelligent solutions to list-building, database management and data analysis that improve consumer insight and deliver accountable results in subscription marketing, email marketing and research campaigns at TI Media. For more information, contact Lee Wilmore on