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Woman’s Own Diets

Lose weight and shape up in four simple steps. Woman’s Own gives dieters the tools so they can eat the foods they love and lose weight.

Woman's Own Diets is great for anyone who wants to be able to enjoy themselves once in a while. Followers of the diet can go out for a meal and if they go over their calorie intake for the day they just balance it out over the rest of the week with more exercise and make adjustments to what they eat. As well as dieters, the plan works brilliantly for people looking to eat healthily and maintain their current weight.

71% rated Woman’s Own Diets as a diet brand they could trust

The Facts

  • Woman's Own Diets provides the best tools for quick, cheap and easy recipes and meal plans; real tips and advice from like-minded women.
  • Quick, easy and straight forward to use.
  • Woman’s Own Diets broadly appeals to women ages 35 to 54.
  • The most important factors to the brand’s audience when trying to lose weight are: using an online food diary (68%), calorie counting (40%) and meal plans/recipes (37%).
  • No foods or food groups are banned.
  • Very flexible – works around meals out and unexpected changes in your eating routines.