1800s – 1900s

TI Media:Charge of the Light Brigade

  • The Field launched in 1853 and within a year became the largest newspaper in Europe, with 24 pages. It had its own correspondent throughout the Crimean War and its November 18, 1854 issue ran a series of personal narratives of those who took part in the Charge of the Light Brigade.
  • Eight further IPC titles that are still thriving today were launched in the late 1800s: Country Life, Horse & Hound, Shooting Times, Yachting World, Amateur Gardening, Cycling Weekly, Amateur Photographer and The Railway Magazine*.
  • Competitions played a key role in sales promotions for all early IPC titles, and none more so than the sensational prize offered by the fledgling magazine, Answers, in 1889 - the then unheard of fortune of £1 a week for life to any reader who could guess the amount of gold and silver in the Bank of England on a given date.

    * denotes the brand is no longer owned or published by TI Media

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