Things we love: The Ad Contrarian, Bob Hoffman

Bob is back – hurrah!

Our favourite ‘fabulously irreverent’ ad contrarian, friend and sometime drinking partner Bob Hoffman is back with his latest book ‘Bad Men: How advertising went from a minor annoyance to a major menace’.

Now this is a guy who is PASSIONATE ABOUT BRAND in the same way we are.

Written in his usual uncompromising style Bob explains in clear, bullshit free terms how marketing and advertising have lost their way – thanks to the proliferation of what he calls ‘surveillance marketing’: the danger of online advertisers tracking us everywhere we go around the web.

He’s not ANTI digital advertising, just gives a clear, succinct view, debunking the myths that the big online media owners pedal to get hold of your advertising budgets. He highlights the dangers of unknowingly giving away all of our personal data, shines a light on the number of fake impressions, fake sites, fake news and ‘bots’ as well as covering issues such as viewability, dwell time, the reason for the rise of ad blockers and the real treat of hacking of our personal data.

He totally understands the importance of brand in a world of short termism and ‘last click’ metrics.

Bob gives us concrete examples of the questions clients must ask of their agencies and media suppliers, and what they should do next to create better, more effective ad campaigns.

Hey just think - this is all a great reason for you guys to work with credible, trusted media owners such as Time Inc. natch.

You can get hold of a copy of his book HERE (it’s only a fiver) alternatively enter our competition below to win a copy. (Big Clue Klaxon – the answer is George Smiley)